Tosh Tudor’s Tube Therapy

In an age where clickbait runs rampant, shout out to Tosh Tudor for not beating around the bush. Tosh’s new full-length feature, “Tube Therapy”, delivers exactly what its title suggests. In this case variety means frontside and backside barrels, and I think there’s fewer than ten top turns in the entire forty some-odd minute run time, but it’s all to be expected.

I’m fascinated by Tosh’s career. It’s at once just starting, but he has also been in the surfing consciousness for a while, which is kind of stunning when you realize he hasn’t even turned twenty one yet. We all recognize the last name, but I’m not going to dwell on the famous bloodlines, because young Tosh is charting his own path and I hope he keeps it that way.

“Tube Therapy”, which was directed by Cameron Vurbeff, also fits into this larger trend of surfers going direct, instead of relying on media companies to tell their stories. I’m all for it. Likewise, you can find me cheering any time people take the considerable time and effort to create full length surf movies. “Tube Therapy” was filmed in Indonesia, Mexico, Tosh’s hometown of San Diego, and like any serious surf film, has a sick closing section filmed in Hawaii. If I’m being difficult, I could say that the skits could’ve been a touch shorter, but I also really enjoyed the lo fi charm and bad acting, which harken back to a time before the internet seemingly smoothed the rough edges out of everything.

At the end of the day, “Tube Therapy” is a great surf movie. The soundtrack is awesome, Tosh and his supporting cast all rip, and overall it’s a blast.

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