Beautiful 70s Dick Brewer Single Fin

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Pictured above is a 70s Dick Brewer single fin that’s currently listed for sale on Craigslist in San Diego. You can see the listing here.

The sole dimension listed is the length: 8’0″. I’ve reproduced all the photos from the ad in this blog post, so unfortunately, this is everything.

When I first saw the pictures, I was slightly disappointed, as based off the deck I assumed the board had been restored. However, the bottom looks all original. Yes, it’s still possible that the deck was restored at some point, so I can’t say for sure. Either way, it’s super clean, and that outline is unreal.

Brewer influenced the careers of so many shapers there are literally too many to list (off the top of my head: Gary Linden, Sam Hawk, Owl Chapman, Mark Richards, Joe Blair…I’m missing a bunch). I don’t have a reliable way of saying whether or not Brewer hand shaped the board himself. There are many boards bearing Brewer’s name that were, at a minimum, shaped in collaboration with others. Regardless of who made it, it’s a beautiful shape.

The seller is asking $1,250 for the board. You can see the listing here.

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