Clipz: Bill Delaney and Euro Hulls

Greetings, Shredderz! As we ease into the weekend I thought I’d share some videos I’ve been enjoying lately.

Well, you can’t watch the video above embedded in this blog, but it’s worth checking out on Vimeo. The Encyclopedia of Surfing has published the entirety of “Waterborn”, a 1987 surf movie from Gotcha, on their Vimeo page. Gotcha’s surf team was the stuff of legends — Pottz, Gerlach, Cheyne Horan, Brock Little, Derek Ho, I can keep going — and this is a cool video. It has some great footage of Pottz surfing some of his classic signature boards, including his Glenn Minami twin fin as well as some colorful T&C sticks, like the one pictured above.

More importantly, “Waterborn” was directed by Bill Delaney, who sadly passed away recently. Delaney directed the seminal Seventies surf movie “Free Ride”, and he will surely be missed.

Tristan Mausse AKA Fantastic Acid is one of my favorite follows on Instagram. Monsieur Mausse has also published a couple of cool books on surfboards, “Glass Shops” and “Surfboard Dynamics”, which you can find on his site. In this video Mausse and fellow shaper Jean Penninck of Naje Surfboards test some hand-shaped hulls in some fun and relaxed European winter surf.

Apropos of nothing, I have been enjoying South African Mikey February’s surfing lately. Most of the surfing in the clip is done on standard thrusters, but he’s just got great style.

Clipz: “HANDMADE” by Surfer Mag and More

Greetings, Shredderz! For all you Stateside vintage surfboard lovers out there, I hope you’re enjoying the holiday weekend. And if you need some pointers on how to spend your gloriously work free Monday, here are a few recent (and not so recent) surfboard related videos.

I have loved Surfer Magazine since the very first time I picked up an issue, and that has not changed in the decades since. For all the fuss that is made about the headwinds facing traditional media, Surfer still puts out some high quality content. If you like what they do — and I can’t imagine why you’d be here if you didn’t — please consider subscribing to what remains the definitive source for surfing news and culture. Anyway, Surfer’s upcoming issue contains a feature on the current state of hand made surfboards, and they made a cool film to accompany the article. You can actually check out the film in its entirety above. This features rad surfer / shapers like Tyler Warren, Ryan Burch, Jared Mell, Andrew Doheny, Derrick Disney and Zack Flores shaping their own craft and then taking them through their paces.

The Burleigh Single Fin festival is known as a cruise-y, laid back even that celebrates vintage surfboards and local Gold Coast rippers during the Aussie summer. Here’s a nice little summary video from Billabong featuring legends like Shane Dorian, Occy, and Joel Parkinson, who immediately went from WCT retirement to winning the event.

Slater has famously spent the majority of his career refining ultra high performance designs, whether it was the extreme rockers of his mid Nineties boards with Channel Islands, or his current high tech Firewire / Slater Designs crafts made in collaboration with modern mad scientists like Daniel Tomson and Dan Mann. It’s fun to see Slater exploring some alternative surf craft for once, although I have to admit that I prefer seeing him pushing the envelope. Still, the video is a cool break from what we usually get from the greatest surfer to ever live.

Photo at the top of the page via the Billabong YouTube Channel for the 2018 Burleigh Single Fin Festival


Clipz: January 2019

Greetings, Shredderz! It’s a rainy day here in Northern California, so I figured what better way to spend some time than with some quality surfboard related videos. See below for a selection.

I’ve said it before but it’s worth repeating: Bird’s Surf Shed is the Mecca! If you ever find yourself in San Diego, make sure you pay a visit to witness one of the most epic stashes of vintage surfboards you will ever see in your life. In this latest installment of Surfer’s excellent Shed Sessions series, Bird pulls down some real gems off the shelves, including a rad little Steve Lis twin fin fish. I actually snapped a pic of the same Lis fish when I visited the shed; you can see the pic (alongside a Skip Frye fish) at the top of the page.

Newport Beach’s Daydream Surf Shop has begun to produce a video series and podcast entitled “Case Study”, and their very first episode features none other than the esteemed Marc Andreini. Check out the video above and you can find the podcast here.

I recently wrote a Sagas of Shred post featuring an old Mike Eaton Surfboards brochure featuring his various models. See above for the first part of three of a series of interviews done with Eaton.

Not vintage, just fun: witness Mason Ho putting a series of impossibly small Matt Biolos / …Lost Surfboards Round Nose Fish models through their paces in pumping Hawaiian surf. For all my love of awesome airbrushes and cool laminates, at the end of the day, surfboards are all about function, and this video is a great reminder of that fact.