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California Gold Spring 2024 Wrap Up

The Spring 2024 California Gold Surf Auction ended a little less than a week ago. It’s always worth browsing through the selections and seeing where everything landed. In the preview post I wrote before the lots went live, I singled out four boards: a balsa Diffenderfer single fin (my personal favorite); an 80s…

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Kelly Slater’s Heart of Stone

“You know why I was the best competitor ever? Because my heart was stone, and nothing was going to pierce it.” Kelly Slater, 2024 Kelly Slater has surfed his last heat as a full time member of the World Surf League’s Championship Tour, closing the book on the greatest competitive career the sport…

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Diff’s Masterpiece + More: CA Gold Rundown

By now you probably know the deal with Scott Bass’ California Gold surf auction. If you don’t, it’s the leading auction for vintage and collectible surfboards, and it always puts together a selection of sick sleds. See below for my personal favorite boards from the auction. I also recommend checking out all of…

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Bob McTavish Twin Fin + More

Here’s your periodic reminder that Facebook, which often has the feel of a shopping mall that’s clearly a long way off its red hot peak, can still serve up the goods from time to time. The Vintage Surfboard Collectors group remains one of the best resources for pictures and history of beautiful vintage…

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An Unusual 70s G&S Skip Frye

Skip Frye has been shaping surfboards since the 60s, but for whatever reason, he doesn’t seem to have made a ton of traditional 70s single fins. I’m guessing Skip and many of his San Diego contemporaries were more focused on eggs and other designs during this time period. That said, every once in…

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9’2″ Skip Frye Braden

A friend of mine was an anthropology major in college. Like most people I know, his current line of work has absolutely nothing to do with what he studied in school. However, he does get some good use out of his degree, and that’s any time he’s asked to weigh in on a…

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Bob Hurley for International Pro Designs

Surfing has always respected credibility — demanded it, even. It can be taken too far — surfing seems triggered by amateurs in a way that few other pursuits are — but overall, the people who work in the surf industry tend to be very good surfers. It’s honestly a bit intimidating, given that…

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G&S Terry Goldsmith Channel Bottom Twin Fin

For whatever reason, vintage G&S boards have been top of mind lately. I’m consistently blown away by the level of craftsmanship that goes into these boards. Whether it’s the airbrushes, the resin pin lines or everything in between, they exhibit a level of care and know how that, for whatever reason, doesn’t seem…

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A New Project

I’ve started a new email newsletter that collects the best surf content and puts it into one quick, easy to read update. You can sign up for it here, and you can see the most recent issue here. So why an email newsletter? Here’s my explanation, from the most recent issue: Let me…

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