Welcome to Shred Sledz! Shred Sledz is a blog dedicated to documenting vintage surfboards, the culture and history of board making, and the craftsmen who make it all possible. If you’re new to the blog, please check out some of the Shreditor’s Picks below. I also recommend Deep Dives, a series of in-depth profiles on surfboard labels; or Sagas of Shred, where you can find some killer vintage surf ads. You can also check out Shred Sledz on Instagram here.

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Shred Sledz is written by Henry Knapp, who, despite being the single worst surfer in the Western Hemisphere for a good five years and running, still loves surfing more than ever.

Thanks so much for reading the blog. It’s truly a pleasure to connect with other people who share a passion for vintage surfboards and the history behind this one of a kind sport.

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