Michel Junod Glider

Michel Junod is a legendary shaper in Santa Cruz who has been plying his craft for around fifty years or so. What I really like about Junod’s surfboards, other than their functionality, of course, is that they always look beautiful. His boards are often colorful without being too flashy, and have simple, aesthetically pleasing lines.

This board here, found on Craigslist in Santa Cruz, is a 9′6″ triple stringer longboard with an awesome turquoise color. I can’t seem to find a corresponding model for it on his website. Maybe it’s a mini-glider of sorts? The signature on the stringer indicates it’s a custom shape. Anyway, the Craigslist location says the board is located right off 41st Avenue in Santa Cruz, and I imagine this craft would be ideal for the numerous right hand points to be found nearby. Oh! And the best part is this board is listed at $450. That’s a great price (though there might be some dings, there’s one clearly pictured above the stringer, and the nose looks like it could use a little touch up), provided the condition checks out.

Check it out here.

WAVE TOOLS: Pre-Echo Beach Madness

Here’s a sweet and kind of unorthodox board, via Craigslist in Santa Cruz (but apparently the owner makes frequent trips down to Orange County).

Wave Tools, founded by Lance Collins, enjoyed the height of its popularity during the late 1980s. During this time Wave Tools boards could be found under the feet of Richie Collins – Lance’s son and one of Southern California’s best competitive surfers. The Wave Tools boards from that era boast some predictably outrageous neon graphics, which, I would like to add, Shred Sledz HQ is very much down with.

This board here is an interesting looking single fin. It has the wings that you would associate with a Sting design, but a pintail where you might expect to see a swallow tail. As colorful as the board is, it’s a bit subdued compared to the signature Wave Tools look. I would hazard a guess that the board was probably shaped sometime in the mid to late 1970s, and Stoked N Board dates the logo from sometime between 1975 and 1982.

It’s a bit pricey, listed at $450, but hey, it’s always free to ogle boards on Shred Sledz. Check out the listing here.

Mark Richards: The Wounded Gull

Check out this sweet Mark Richards surfboard on Craigslist.

For those who don’t know, Mark Richards remains one of the most decorated surfers in history. The Aussie won four consecutive world titles from 1979 to 1982, a feat that went unmatched until Kelly Slater came along and re-wrote the rules of pro surfing.

After hanging up the contest singlet, Richards has distinguished himself as a well-known shaper. This little specimen, measuring at 6′2″ x 20″, dates back to 1986, with a clear date on the stringer.

I love the 80s paint job on this bad boy, as well as the interesting channels on the bottom. Richards is best known for his swallow tailed twin fin shapes with ultra bright airbrush jobs, and this one is a little different given the thruster setup. The paint job is rad, though!

The main holdup here is whether or not the board was shaped by Richards himself. The best evidence I could find of a Richards signature on a hand-shaped board was from his website, and it looks a little different than the no-name dating on the stringer for this board.

It’s also a bit steep at $950. Still, who can say no to an 80s board in pretty great condition? You ain’t gotta buy it, either – just look at the pics! More on the Craigslist posting, found here.

Hobie Vee Bottom

Let it never be said that the good people at Shred Sledz HQ don’t appreciate history!

The v bottom surfboard – named after the deep “vee” shape in the tail – certainly has earned a place in the annals of surfboard design. I can’t say it’s the longest chapter, or the most widely read…but it is interesting, if nothing else.

The timing of this board unfortunately coincides with the death of Australian legend Midget Farrelly, the sport’s first world champion, which happened yesterday. Midget was one of the pioneers of the v bottom design. RIP Midget.

If you’re in the Santa Cruz area, you can check out this 8′2″ Hobie V Bottom on Craigslist. It’s pretty beat up in places, but I can’t see any glaring flaws in any places. As always, it’s hard to really say unless you’ve seen the board up close.

But man, more importantly, check out that tail and that crazy vee! Such a cool shape. There’s a guy at my local surf spot who has an old Surfboards Hawaii vee bottom that I ogle whenever I see it. Lately the shape has seen a bit of a revival with Bruce Fowler’s V Machine, which is sold at Mollusk and has attracted a bit of a cult following.

Anyway, check out the Hobie here.

Takayama, Bertlemann…and Pepsi?

A million dollars isn’t cool. You know what’s cool?

Larry Bertlemann.

Photo from The Inertia; copyright Art Brewer.

Mr. Bertlemann, the Hawaiian pro surfer dubbed “Rubberman” for the physics-defying body torqued that defined his surfing, was one of the best known surfers of the 70s.

Bertlemann was one of the few men who could truly lay claim to having a signature style, whether it was his radical surfing, his awesome hair, or, of course, his surfboards. Bertlemann was sponsored by Pepsi during the height of his career. He embraced his role as an ambassador (some might say billboard), going as far as to decorate his boards with the Pepsi logo.

The Pepsi boards have not only become synonymous with Bertelmann’s legacy, they are one of the more enduring symbols of 70s Hawaiian surf culture itself.

One of Bertelmann’s infamous Pepsi boards is currently up for grabs on eBay. It is a classic twin-fin swallowtail shape (not sure if it qualifies as a fish or not…anyone got thoughts here?). Even better, it bears a Donald Takayama signature, and one of Takayama’s clear bird logos (I believe it’s an ewa / frigate bird, but also cannot confirm). There’s a bit of damage around one of the glassed on fins, but hey — that’s a small price to pay for an iconic piece of Hawaiian surfing history.

Check it out on eBay here.

Bob Mitsven Thruster

Are you ready to do some more Dumpster Divin’ with your old buds from Shred Sledz? Sure you are!

Available in San Diego, via Craigslist, is this 7′ Mitsven thruster.

It’s a mere $65. The poster claims there are no dings on the board, but it’s kind of hard to tell with that bizarre whitewash paint job on the bottom. I feel like you could easily strip the paint. It looks like it’s sitting on top of the fiberglass.

The logos make me think this is an older Mitsven, via the always-helpful Stoked N Board. Nowadays you can find Bob Mitsven’s shapes at Mollusk, but they tend to focus on his eggs, and the logos look more modernized. This board might be less popular, given it looks to be a kind of step-up or some sort of mini gun, but hey – a watertight surfboard for $65 is generally a pretty good deal. Mitsven, of course, is an extremely well-regarded San Diego shaper. You can read more about him here.

Check out the board on Craigslist here.

Recent Mike Hynson Single Fin

Surfer or not, you have likely heard of “The Endless Summer”, filmmaker Bruce Brown’s timeless ode to surfing, and one of the few surf movies to receive equally rapturous responses from surfing insiders as well as the mainstream (alongside “In God’s Hands”, of course.)

Mike Hynson, one of the stars of “The Endless Summer”, went on to a distinguished career as a surfboard shaper. Hyson’s life is a compelling story of its own, sadly filled with more drama and lows than the movie that made him famous, recounted in an autobiography released in 2011.

What we have here, via Craigslist in San Diego, is a 9′2″ Hynson hand shaped board with a clear signature on the stringer. The signature includes the “Om” symbol, a favorite of Hynson’s. You can see another example of an excellent and clear Hynson signature here, via a board that was once on sale at peerless San Diego shop Surfy Surfy.

The best part about this listing? The board is going for a mere $525. I think this is a steal. There’s a 9′0″ on sale directly from Hynson’s website currently going for $1500.  Hynson is 74 and while he’s still shaping today, I think it’s likely that his most prolific days are behind him. Surfers and shapers don’t get any more legendary than one of the guys who starred in “The Endless Summer”. And most importantly, of course, Hynson’s pedigree as a shaper cannot be overstated.

Check the listing here.

Crow for Carbonell

This surfboard (via Craigslist in LA) is like seeing Helen of Troy with a terrible boob job. It is a beautiful old board from the 60s, likely shaped by Larry Weise. (You can barely see his initials – “L.W. Crow” underneath the #93 in the fifth picture). The board is such a cool old school shape, and Carbonell, a Laguna Beach-based brand, wasn’t one I had ever heard of before. I like that it measures in at a solid 10′, too – I can imagine taking this thing out in some small waves and being able to just scratch into anything.

Sadly, though, there is the matter of that horrible black noseguard. It looks like it’s likely hiding some damage near the nose as well. It might all be a dealbreaker considering the board is going for $500. Either way, worth checking out. You can see the listing here.

Last of the Wildmen: Martin “Pottz” Potter

Whoever posted this little number must be dreaming about the price – $1,000 is a lot for a surfboard, no matter what! – but it’s still worth looking at the pictures. Located on Craigslist in Daytona Beach, Florida is a cool little Blue Hawaii ‘Pottz’ board, named after legendary former tour surfer Martin Potter and shaped by well-regarded Hawaiian shaper Greg Minami. This is different from the board most surf fans associate with Pottz – the T&C with the jagged green outline and yellow deck – but nonetheless still a fantastic memento from the surf industry of yesteryear. Check it out here.

Zuma Jay Single Fin

Up for grabs on Craigslist in Ventura CA is a Zuma Jay single fin for $100. Warning: there could be a decent amount of repair involved in this one. The duct tape on the tail is never a good sign, and it looks like the bottom has a bunch of little dings or discoloration. Still, not an awful price for a little project, especially considering Zuma Jay’s status as a well-known Malibu brand. Not sure who the shaper could be, but Stoked N Board pegs the logo as sometime between 1985 and 1990. I wonder if it could be a little earlier than that, even, given the singlefin setup. Check it out here.