Channel Islands Al Merrick Tri Plane Hull


For sale on eBay is a vintage Channel Islands single fin. This one is presumably shaped by Al Merrick, though it doesn’t seem to have his signature anywhere on it. This one isn’t all original, though apparently restorations were done by Joe Roper down in San Diego, who is probably at the top of the list of people you would want working on a board like this. It’s not super expensive – buy it now price is $600 – but that’s far from a steal, too. I can’t help but think that hand-shaped Merricks are eventually going to shoot up in value, given what an iconic brand Channel Islands is (and the fact that Al doesn’t seem to be making them anymore!) Anyway, check out the board here if you’re interested.

Fineline for Cheap

I would like to present to you the inaugural entry in a new series…Dumpster Diving, brought to you by your good friends at Shred Sledz.

As you know, here at Shred Sledz HQ we’ve got a real eagle eye for value. (Which is another way of saying we are some tightfisted bastards). Dumpster Diving will be a column that shows you dirt cheap boards…that are cheap for a reason.

What we have here are not one but two surfboards for sale as a package deal, available on Craigslist in Playa Del Rey (Los Angeles). The good news is that the price for both boards is a very cheap $75. The other good news is that both boards boast some great pedigree. One is a Robert August single fin. The keen observers at Stoked N Board have this logo (featuring the “Precision Surfboards” tagline tucked away just to the left of the ‘g’ in August) as having been made in the 90s sometime.

The other board is a Fineline board, likely shaped by Brian Hilbers. The logo has a distinct 80s / 90s feel to it, but I can’t be sure. These boards have become pretty popular recently thanks to the Mollusk movement, and this is a cool older version. Most of the Fineline boards you see for sale at Mollusk are logs and eggs, and this board is a squash tail thruster with some pretty rad looking channels.

Okay, now that the history lesson is over…the bad news is both of these boards look pretty trashed. They may be pretty difficult to salvage, though I would like to see some more pictures of both. But hey – I’ve also spent $75 on a night of bad decisions out a many a watering hole with far less ROI. So if you feel like rolling the dice and doing a stylish dumpster dive, check out the listing here.

Hawaiian Power: Aipa and Dan Kealoha

Do you like neon?

How about surfcraft shaped by an undisputed master of the form?

What are you feelings on ridiculous 80s paint jobs? (Related to question #1 above).

Do old surfboards in impeccable shape titillate you?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the questions above – especially the one about neon – then you need to check out this board on Craigslist, which can be found in Santa Cruz, California.

It is a vintage Ben Aipa-shaped board for legendary Hawaiian surfboard brand Town & Country. The airbrush has a distinct 80s / 90s feel to it. The signature on the signature is clear as day, and it looks like the board was even shaped for equally well-known Hawaiian pro surfer Dane Kealoha!

If it sounds like I’m frothing…well, I am! I love finding vintage surfboard gems, but the fact this one was made for one of the most influential Hawaiian pros ever is just the cherry on top of an already scrumptious surfboard sundae. In fact, I’m so stoked I don’t even care that the photography includes huge glare spots and there isn’t any mention of the dimensions or the fin setup. In any case, check it out for yourself here.

Neon Becker

Craigslist Steal of the Week!

Check this thing out…a 7′5″ Becker funshape for a mere $75. Full dims are 7’5″ x 21.25″ x 2.375″. Looks water tight, and I dig the triple stringer as well as the shameless late 80s / early 90s neon logo. Pretty difficult to say whether or not it’s a legit Phil Becker shape without any evidence of a signature on the stringer…but hey, for $75 beggars can’t be choosers, nor should they be!

If you love ridiculous neon surf graphics or if you’re just a trigger happy impulse shopper without a huge budget then check this bad boy out here.


File this one under reasonable price for a dope board. I try to highlight steals and deals here, but sometimes you just have to pay full freight.

Available on Craigslist in San Diego is an 8′10″ Mandala Seraph. The Seraph is a tri plane hull design with a pintail. As you have probably realized by now, Shred Sledz HQ is home to some of the biggest Marc Andreini fans out there, and Manny Caro of Mandala spent a lot of time with Andreini when he was still based out of Oakland. Caro has since decamped to San Diego, where he puts out these beautiful boards, often sharing some of the same design concepts that make Andreini’s sleds so interesting and functional. I can’t say for sure but the Seraph looks very similar to Andreini’s Serena model, and I bet it’s a real treat in decent-sized surf.

This one clocks in at a reasonable $750. Not exactly a heist, but I think a fair price to pay. However, I have to mention that the price is contingent on the condition of the board – the posting suspiciously doesn’t have any pictures of the deck. Either way, Manny’s boards seem to move pretty fast on Craigslist, and I thought it would nice to feature one. Check out the listing here.

Andreini via McTavish

It’s a day ending in ‘y’, so it must be time to celebrate the legend that is Marc Andreini at Shred Sledz HQ. I came across this sweet-looking vehicle, which can be found on Craigslist in Los Angeles.

The poster describes it as a “McVee” shape, which I have never seen before from Andreini. I’m guessing the name is a portmanteau that refers to the vee bottom of the board, famously invented by Aussie shaper Bob McTavish during the shortboard revolution. The dims are 8’8″ x 22.75″ x 3″, and I imagine this thing has got a ton of paddling power. I’ve always wanted to try one of these vee bottom boards to see how they turn, and I guess I’ll just have to wait my chance.

$850 takes the board (poster claims it has only been surfed twice, and it certainly looks shiny in all the pics). Find it here.

Dick Brewer Single Fin

Dick Brewer is a legend. Full stop, do not pass go, do not collect $200. But his name, sadly, has been licensed out to death, and considering just how famous Brewer is, it’s not always super easy to find real deal boards that have been shaped by the master.

I found this listing on Craigslist, and to a non-expert, it looks like it passes the sniff test. The leash plug and the glass-on fin both look like they are from the late 70s. The original poster has pegged the board as a 1977 Pipeline Gun, measuring in at 7′2″. The signature is interesting. You can clearly see it’s “R Brewer”, and it looks like it was signed above the tint, and not directly on the stringer itself. Contrast this with other signatures, such as this one, which clearly spell out “Dick Brewer” and not his first initial. (The signature pic was originally via a Wall Street Journal article on Dick Brewer, which is behind a paywall.)

This thing is certainly priced like an original at $1250. Check out the listing here.

New York Surf: Charlie Bunger

This Craigslist find is near and dear to my heart. As someone who spent his grommet-hood on Long Island, New York, I have always had a soft spot for East Coast surf culture. New York is a veritable surfing backwater, which stands in stark contrast to its status as one of the most important and visible cities in the world. Before Balaram Stack and Will Skudin made us proud, the last New York surfer of note seemed to be Rick Rasmussen, whose existence seemed to be confined to the occasional reference in Eastern Surf Magazine.

Bunger Surfboards is a venerable brand, and not just by New York standards. It originated in the 60s, named after shaper / owner Charlie Bunger. Located on Long Island via Craiglist is a 1966 model that has been restored. It’s a 10′1″ classic noserider, and a cool relic from the Empire State’s surfing past. First $575 takes it…check it out here.

Surfboards Australia / Gordon & Smith

Here at your humble service, doing the dirty work of Craigslist dumpster diving so all you have to do is fire up Shred Sledz for your fix of vintage surfboard goodness…

Anyway, let’s cut it with the back patting and get right to the chase. Found on Craigslist in San Diego – but seriously, don’t I have a nose for finding these guys? – is a 6′3″ single fin. The brand is Surfboards Australia / Gordon & Smith. The ever-helpful Stoked N Board shows a listing for Surfboards Australia / G&S here, but I couldn’t really find either of the logos on the Stoked N Board page to try and date the board. It looks like it could be vintage, and it looks like it’s in pretty good shape, too.

Oh, and the board is on $175. Hit it here on Craigslist, kids.