Surfboards Australia / Gordon & Smith

Here at your humble service, doing the dirty work of Craigslist dumpster diving so all you have to do is fire up Shred Sledz for your fix of vintage surfboard goodness…

Anyway, let’s cut it with the back patting and get right to the chase. Found on Craigslist in San Diego – but seriously, don’t I have a nose for finding these guys? – is a 6′3″ single fin. The brand is Surfboards Australia / Gordon & Smith. The ever-helpful Stoked N Board shows a listing for Surfboards Australia / G&S here, but I couldn’t really find either of the logos on the Stoked N Board page to try and date the board. It looks like it could be vintage, and it looks like it’s in pretty good shape, too.

Oh, and the board is on $175. Hit it here on Craigslist, kids.

Lightning Bolt and Tom Eberly

You can’t have a vintage surfboard blog without talking about the ne plus ultra of old school surfboard labels. Yup, you guessed it – Lightning Bolt, baby! What is there to say about the marque that hasn’t already been said? I know I’ve used the word “iconic” in previous posts, but now that I’m writing about the Bolt, I kind of wish I could have that back. Lightning Bolt is what many of us associate with old school surfing, consciously or not. Gerry Lopez surfing at Pipeline on big fast single-fins, doing his thing…

To any surfboard collector, Lightning Bolt is also about a brand that has almost buckled under the weight of its significance. There are many more imitators than there are the real deal, which is a shame. Is it the Shelby Cobra of surfboards – an instantly recognizable silhouette whose insides likely do not live up to the infamy of the design?

Anyway, enough with the philosophizing. What we have here is a Bolt, alright, although it isn’t the Gerry Lopez hand shape that most of us dream of finding at a random garage sale for $50 and smile. It’s shaped by Tom Eberly, one of the many shapers to have passed through the halls of Lightning Bolt. Eberly is certainly a well-regarded shaper in his own right, and one of the few to have shaped the boards in Hawaii, where the brand was born. Stoked N Board – I’ll say it before and I’ll say it again, this is a must-read resource if you’re at all interested in surfboards – lists Eberly as having shaped for the label between 1970 and 1986, so the board is likely somewhere in that range. The Clark Foam logo at the tail is a nice little touch, given that the legendary blank supplier went from near-monopoly to total disappearance faster than any other company in the history of the surf industry.

It’s available on Craigslist in Orange County, and the price is a predictably whopping $1200. Sadly, I’m better at waxing nostalgic about surfboards shaped before I was born than assessing fair prices, but my first stab is to say this isn’t completely insane for a good condition board from one of the better known Bolt shapers. It also comes with a nice-looking rainbow fin, as you can see in the last post.

Hurley: Before the Clothes

Did you know that Bob Hurley, founder of his eponymous surfwear label, is not just a surf mogul but a well-regarded surfboard shaper in his own right? I just came across this board – for sale in San Juan Capistrano / Costa Mesa, found on Craigslist – having been on the prowl for a Hurley-shaped board. (If you ever want to see a grown man cry, ask me about the vintage Hurley gem that popped up on Craigslist about a year ago that I still regret not buying…but I digress.) This one is fairly recent, but it’s still go the sweet International Pro Designs logo, which Bob shaped for back in the day. While Hurley has become something of the borg when it comes to SoCal surf culture, and all the negative things one associates with it, Bob Hurley is an absolute legend not just for his business exploits but his skill with a planer. Oh, and lest I forget, this thing is only $250! I don’t think he shapes a ton any more and I don’t know that he sells his boards in shops anywhere. If I’m wrong about that please let me know! Looks like there might be some pressure dings on the deck but otherwise in pretty good shape. According to the signature, Bob may have shaped this for his son Jeff. Anyway – a really cool little piece of modern SoCal surf culture for sale at a very reasonable price. Located on Craigslist here.

Cat Hero Robin Kegel

Found on Craigslist in San Diego is a cool looking Gato Heroi board, shaped by Robin Kegel. Sadly, it looks like the poster strictly wants to trade for another Gato Heroi. These boards are pretty tough to come by and they seem to disappear from the second market very quickly (and I couldn’t even tell you how to order one new). Mostly I really like the paint job on this one with the contrasting lime green rails and then the different color deck and bottom. The dims are 9’6″ x 23″ x 3″. Give this gentleman (or woman) a shout if you’re interested in a trade.

Dogtown Legend Jeff Ho

I do not know who Jeff from Palms, West LA is. What I do know, however, is that he is a man of impeccable taste who casually takes some sick old boards and just throws them on Craigslist for everyday cro-magnons like you and I to peruse. What we have here (via Craigslist) is a wonderful piece of California surf history…a vintage Jeff Ho surfboard. Jeff claims it’s from the pre-Zephyr days, and the Zephyr sticker he ended up putting on the board was originally intended for a skateboard restoration. This makes sense, as it’s a far cry from the iconic Zephyr logo that has come to signify Dogtown and Venice Beach, and perhaps one of the most seminal crews and eras of Southern California surf culture. The board isn’t in great condition, and it’s pretty expensive, but I tend to think Jeff knows exactly what he’s doing. Either way, it’s worth looking at the pictures.

Pavel & Tudor

What we’ve got here is a reasonably priced little two-fer in the San Francisco Bay Area (in Mill Valley, just north of the city). This is a gem of a little Craigslist post with two very tempting surfboards up for sale. Surfboard #1 – the pink board pictured – is a 7′8″ round tail egg from Joel Tudor Surfboards. Unclear who the shaper is from the pics. Bill Shrosbee and Stu Kenson are some reasonable guesses, as the owner of the board dates this to the early 2000s, in the early days of the Joel Tudor Surfboards label. Oh, and before we get too carried way going down the endless rabbit hole of surfboard trivia, this board is a steal at $350.

Second is a Rich Pavel fish. Pavel shapes under the Greenroom Surfboards label, and you can see the logo clearly in the last pic. The Craigslist ad says it’s a Speed Dialer; however, Pavel’s website suggests the quad fin version of the famous Speed Dialer is actually called the Creekfish. The board is 5′10″ and the owner claims it was surfed less than five times. $550 is a reasonable price, if not quite the ridiculous bargain of the $350 for the Tudor egg. As a point of comparison, there’s another Rich Pavel quad fin fish on Craigslist now for $375, and that’s with some pretty serious looking ding repair on the tail.

As the Craigslist add suggests, both of these boards would be worthy additions to any self-respecting surfer’s summer quiver, and they’re available at good prices, too.

Jim Phillips for Surfboards Hawaii

Now THIS is what I’m talmbout! Legendary San Diego surf shop Surfy Surfy has just posted a gem on their blog, which you can find here. What you’re looking at is a 10′2″ Surfboards Hawaii board shaped by the inimitable Jim “The Genius” Phillips. The board has apparently never been surfed, and as you can see in the pictures, it’s in absolutely impeccable condition. Apparently it even includes a custom fin. That is gorgeous and for $1500, it’s not cheap…but let’s just say that there are a lot of other people charging that same amount for boards with nowhere near the collectibility and value found here. Head on over to the swell dudes at Surfy Surfy for a peek.

Kozmk Kruzr

Another decent deal in the LA area: a Deepest Reaches “Kozmk Kruzr” model on sale on Craigslist for $450. Seems like a pretty decent price: Mollusk had a 7′0 Kozmk Kruzr that sold for $950 new, and the Craigslist poster claims this bad boy was only ridden twice. It’s a single fin with a winged pin design. I bet it goes real fast given those super parallel rails. It’s probably great for catching sub-par waves, given the healthy amount of foam it’s packing (dims are 7’8″ x 21″ x 2′ 5/8″), but I’d be curious to learn how that thing handles decent sized surf as well. Take a peek here.

Takayama Glass Slipper

Here’s another decent deal: a Donald Takayama Glass Slipper for $450 on Craigslist in Los Angeles. The signature looks like the real deal. They’re still pumping out boards under DT’s name but it is pretty easy to tell when the signature is done by hand. Here are a few hand signatures from DT; whereas new boards have a signature that looks more like this one.

Anyway the Craigslist poster claims the board doesn’t have any dings or repairs, and it looks to be in good shape. Worth a look if you’re in LA! Board listed here.