Social Media Roundup: Autumn Advancing

Greetings, Shredderz! By now you may know the drill: keep scrolling for some of my favorite surf and vintage surfboard-related Instagram posts in recent memory.

Can you believe the venerable Channel Islands brand has been around for fifty years?! It’s a bit hard to digest. Hint hint, there might be some cool Al Merrick boards coming up on the blog soon, so stay tuned for that.

How cool is David Nuuhiwa?! Definitely way cooler than me, and probably cooler than you, too (no offense). I’ve seen lots of pics of Nuuhiwa in some truly out there get ups, and I really dig this relatively conservative look in contrast. I wish I knew more about all of Nuuhiwa’s work with different surfboard labels, which the caption briefly covers.

Bob Hurley shaped for Lightning Bolt…who knew?! This thing is gorgeous, though. 1979 single fin with an incredible color combo and Bolt logo on the deck.

Donald Takayama was a member of the storied Jacobs Surfboards surf team before he made a name for himself as a shaper. I’m mostly used to seeing pictures of Takayama from when he was older, but it’s a blast to see some photos of him from his younger days.

Dave Rastovich with an Andreini edge board! Marc Andreini is one of my favorite shapers (in fact, I have a 9′ Serena sitting next to me as I type this entry), and Rasta likely needs no introduction. There’s a great Surfer’s Journal article on some George Greenough edge boards that Rastovich surfed at Cloudbreak. Stoked to see Andreini and Rastovich continuing to explore Greenough’s designs together.

Photo at the top of the page is David Nuuhiwa. Photographer unknown; source is David Nuuhiwa Surfboards page on Facebook.

Hurley: Before the Clothes

Did you know that Bob Hurley, founder of his eponymous surfwear label, is not just a surf mogul but a well-regarded surfboard shaper in his own right? I just came across this board – for sale in San Juan Capistrano / Costa Mesa, found on Craigslist – having been on the prowl for a Hurley-shaped board. (If you ever want to see a grown man cry, ask me about the vintage Hurley gem that popped up on Craigslist about a year ago that I still regret not buying…but I digress.) This one is fairly recent, but it’s still go the sweet International Pro Designs logo, which Bob shaped for back in the day. While Hurley has become something of the borg when it comes to SoCal surf culture, and all the negative things one associates with it, Bob Hurley is an absolute legend not just for his business exploits but his skill with a planer. Oh, and lest I forget, this thing is only $250! I don’t think he shapes a ton any more and I don’t know that he sells his boards in shops anywhere. If I’m wrong about that please let me know! Looks like there might be some pressure dings on the deck but otherwise in pretty good shape. According to the signature, Bob may have shaped this for his son Jeff. Anyway – a really cool little piece of modern SoCal surf culture for sale at a very reasonable price. Located on Craigslist here.