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Doug Haut Surfboards 1979 Single Fin

Greetings, Shredderz! Today we’ve got a quick hit for you. I’ve been on a bit of a Santa Cruz kick lately, including a ridiculous Steve Coletta / Natural Shapes Surfboards single fin I wrote up a few days back. Today’s blog post features a board from none other than Doug Haut, who has…

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Shred Sledz Weekend Grab Bag

Weekend Grab Bag: Santa Cruz Edition

Greetings, Shredderz! Hope everyone here Stateside had a wonderful Thanksgiving. If, like me, you live in Northern California, you’re well aware of Santa Cruz’s status as ground zero for high performance surfing in the area. Santa Cruz has more than its fair share of talented surfers and great waves, but likely due to…

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Mark Angell for Haut Surfboards

When it comes to surfboards, I love the bold-faced names as much as anyone else. Who wouldn’t to add a Skip Frye to their collection? What is there not to like about a Gerry Lopez Lightning Bolt? The list goes on and on. And while I enjoy the classics, I also have a…

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O’Neill Big Wave Gun by Tom Overlin

Greetings, Shredderz! Today’s post features an interesting bit of California history. The board pictured above is an O’Neill gun shaped by Tom Overlin that is currently listed for sale on Craigslist. You can find a link to the board here. Pics above are via the Craigslist posting. First and foremost, the board above…

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Haut and About

Doug Haut is a well-known shaper in Santa Cruz. If you’re unfamiliar with the man, Surfer Magazine did a nice little write-up on him that you can find here. He also runs Haut Surf Shop. Haut was recently inducted into the Shaper Hall of Fame (which, ironically, I couldn’t find), and in an…

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Haut Sting(er)

This Craigslist post has a Doug Haut shape from 1976. Call it Santa Cruz by way of the North Shore. It’s an interesting shape from Haut, a legendary Santa Cruz shaper, clearly in the style of legendary Hawaiian shaper Ben Aipa’s famous Sting design. The poster claims the board has been stored indoors for…

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