Hawaiian Enforcer Johnny Boy Gomes

And here we are with another edition of Dumpster Diving, featuring some really cheap surfboards that are available for your viewing pleasure!

This board is a Johnny Boy Gomes signature model, made by famous Hawaiian brand Town & Country Surfboards. You can find it on Craigslist in Santa Monica, and per the rigorous regulations of our Dumpster Diving feature, the board clocks in at well under the $100 threshold – a mere $68 will take this home.

The bad news: the board isn’t in great condition. It’s got a lot of discoloration on the deck and a ton of pressure dings. There are no pictures of the tail that show it in detail, so there might be some more problems there.

The signature on the stringer dates this board to 1994, right about at the height of Gomes’ fame. Gomes was a longtime North Shore heavyweight who was known for his powerful and aggressive surfing. Johnny Boy was a Hawaiian trialist at the 1997 Pipe Masters and he won the whole thing, something that only two other Hawaiians can claim (Bruce Irons, of course, and Jamie O’Brien being the other.) Unfortunately, he also carved out a reputation for not being the best ambassador of the aloha spirit. He has been in multiple brushes with the law, including an arrest for assault last December in Waikiki.

But anyway, this board is a decent deal. The 90s have yet to really come back in style but this is a definite homage to that era, given the T&C brand and Johnny Boy, who faded from surf industry prominence shortly afterwards. I’m having a hard time figuring out who might have shaped it and what the letters on the board indicate. I’m wondering if the signature before the measurements would be “JJ”, for Jeff Johnston, who was a longtime shaper for T&C. The dims of the board are 6′6″ x 18 1/2″ x 2 7/16″, which sounds about right for mid 90s high performance sleds.

Check it out on Craigslist here, and for a bonus, here’s a shot of Johnny Boy putting one of his signature boards to good use:

Con Longboard

When it rains, it pours, and lately we’ve been seeing some Con Surfboards falling from the sky in copious amounts.

Today brings you the next installment in Shred Sledz’s Pulitzer Prize-winning series, Dumpster Diving!

Check out this vintage Con log on Craigslist that can be found in wave-starved Fresno, California. For those of you unfamiliar with Dumpster Diving, the Peabody Award-winning series focuses on old surfboards in desperate need of some TLC, that can also be had for $100 or less.

This bad boy clocks in at $70, but shit, it’s definitely a project. Posting this thing just makes me wince. The silver lining of this surfboard’s troubled upbringing is that it can now be had for dirt cheap. It’s a restoration project, or maybe it oculd just be a beater if there isn’t too much else wrong with it, but either way you’re not going to be winning any beauty pageants quite yet.

Still, it’s $70 for a legit older Con board, and hey, you’ve got to compromise somewhere at that price. (I wrote about Con earlier this week, and you can see my detailed writeup on the Con Competition Wing Nose model here.)

Check out this bad boy here. And until next time, I hope you have enjoyed this installment of Dumpster Diving, a Shred Sledz Production, and a recent recipient of Columbia Journalism School’s Lifetime Achievement Award.