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Sagas of Shred

Mickey Munoz for Ole Surfboards: Sagas of Shred

Once a week I’ll share a vintage surfboard ad as part of the Sagas of Shred series. Usually it is posted late Thursday night California time, but thanks to the Fourth of July, we’re running behind schedule this week. Better late than never, they say! In any event, pictured here is an Ole…

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Mickey Munoz Hobie Seaboard

If you’re in the Jersey Shore area and you have an inexplicable but no less compelling urge to check out a cool vintage surfboard, I would like to humbly suggest this Hobie Seaboard model, which can be found on Craigslist (Update: dead link removed). I had never heard of this model before, so…

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Mickey Munoz for Hobie

I could go on and on about how the people who post surfboards for sale on Craigslist are never the ones with rudimentary photography skills, but hey: who am I to judge. So try to ignore the poorly lit and staged pictures – shout out to the Costco sized box of Hefty garbage…

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