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Weekend Grab Bag: Farrelly Stringerless + SNI Aipa Sting

Greetings, Shredderz! The Weekend Grab Bag makes its triumphant return with two very cool boards, both being sold by the same seller. Bonus points for the fact that one of the listings references this humble blog — always cool to see. Anyway, today we’re featuring a G&S Midget Farrelly Stringerless Model and a…

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Hobie, Midget Farrelly Stringerless & More

Greetings, Shredderz! We’ve got more reader submissions for you today, and there’s some heat in here. Keep reading for more. Thanks @drewbmiller for sending in photos of this beautiful green Gordon & Smith Midget Farrelly Stringerless Model. I understand many of these were shaped by Skip Frye; I don’t know enough to say…

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Shred Sledz Weekend Grab Bag

Wave Tools Jeff Parker Model & More: Weekend Grab Bag

Shredderz, I can’t lie: it has been some time since I last offered up an entry of our Weekend Grab Bag series. But better late than never, right? Today we’ve got an eclectic group of vintage surfboards. Per Grab Bag rules, all boards must be currently listed for sale as of the time…

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Sagas of Shred

Vintage Gordon & Smith Surfboards Ad: Sagas of Shred

Greetings, Shredderz! Usually for Sagas of Shred I like to dip into my stash of Surfer Magazine back issues and scan something. Sadly, technical difficulties prevented me from doing so this week. In the meantime, enjoy this vintage Gordon & Smith ad, which I originally found on eBay a while back. I’d guess…

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Gordon & Smith Farrelly V Bottom

Greetings, Shredderz! Today we’re going back to one of the most interesting eras in all of surfboard design: the famous Transition Era of the late 1960s. The Shred Sledz editorial staff — i.e., me — lives and surfs in California, and as a result, the blog has a tendency to focus on the…

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Shred Sledz Deep Dive

Jacobs Mike Purpus V: A Shred Sledz Deep Dive

Fresh off last week’s post about Mike Purpus, today we have another collaboration between the Hermosa Beach pro and a well-known shaper. The board pictured above and below is the Jacobs Mike Purpus V, a Transition Era vee bottom board that was created in the late 1960s. The board can currently be found…

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Australia via San Diego: Midget Farrelly and Gordon & Smith

Shred Sledz is (proudly) made in California. And given HQ’s location in the Golden State (AKA my living room), it’s no surprise that the blog focuses primarily on American and Hawaiian surfboard shapers. Today I’m excited to lend a little more Aussie influence to this modest seppo-centric blog. We’ll be exploring the history…

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