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The Sultan in Hawaii: Terry Fitzgerald for Dick Brewer

How to describe the North Shore of Oahu, the famed strip of surf breaks that, at the start of every winter, becomes the beating heart of the entire surf world? Volcom dubbed the most famous piece of real estate in surfing “The Proving Grounds”, and while surfwear marketing is rarely inspired, this is…

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Dick Brewer Terry Fitzgerald

Tanaka / Paul Strauch

Another day, another Paul Strauch-designed Tanaka Single fin. This board can be found in New Jersey on Craigslist, buried in a listing for a few other boards. I wrote about another Tanaka I found earlier, which had some different branding and logos. The board pictured here has a Paul Strauch logo, which you…

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Tanaka Charger

Thanks to some Craigslist lurking skills – at what point do skills devolve into an unhealthy obsession? Asking for a friend – I stumbled across this Tanaka Charger single fin on Craigslist in Oahu. I had never heard of Ernie Tanaka before, but by all accounts he was a well-known Hawaiian shaper who…

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