Rusty for La Jolla Surf & Sport

I love surfboards for more reasons than I can keep track of (cue the eye rolls from the long-suffering Mrs. Shred Sledz, who has been subjected to this speech many times now.) But one thing I love about surfboards is the fact they can help shed light on some previously uncovered bits of surf history.

For example, take this board here, which can be found on Craigslist in San Diego. It is a Rusty Preisendorfer single fin, and by the looks of it, I would guess the board was likely made sometime in the late 1970s. Preisendorfer, of course, is the founder of Rusty Surfboards, which is probably not as prominent as it used to be, but is still one of the most recognizable California board manufacturers in recent history.

However, this board seems to pre-date the creation of the Rusty label, which is interesting. Preisendorfer had shaped for a number of labels before branching out on his own, including stalwarts like Gordon & Smith, as well as labels like Music! and Canyon. Rusty’s website has a nice little interactive timeline, which you can find here. For a while there was a pretty pristine Green Lantern Rusty board up for sale on eBay, and you can find that old listing here.

This board is pretty interesting, though. It has a clear Preisendorfer signature underneath the glass and on the stringer, but there’s no branding on the board other than a “for La Jolla Surf & Sport” logo. The funny thing is I can’t find any sort of mention of a La Jolla Surf & Sport anywhere online. I’m wondering if maybe it was a predecessor for Rusty’s own Rusty Boardhouse retail shop, but either way, there’s no info available.

The board is on sale for $250. There are apparently some small dings and some repairs have been made, but overall, I think this is a decent ballpark price. Note that there’s an original Rainbow fin included with the board as well, which supports the theory that it was shaped in the 70s. Check out the board here, and if you have any info about the mysterious La Jolla Surf & Sport, please let me know!

Holy Trinity: Occy, Rusty and Billabong

I’m not usually one for repro boards, but hey, there are exceptions to every rule.

Located here on Craigslist is one of the Rusty Priesendorfer re-makes of a famous board he made back for Mark “Occy” Occhilupo back in 1984. This board is an exact replica and was made in conjunction with Rusty, Occ’s shaper back in the 80s, and Billabong, his longtime clothing sponsor. You can see the announcement here, which has some cool pics.

The dimensions are 6’0″ x 20″ x 2 ¼”, harkening back to a time when high performance thrusters had a lot more foam to them. The price is $425, which I think is decent, given that the board is limited – only 100 made – and it’s in pretty good condition, with the only visible wear and tear being a couple of heel dents from being surfed. (And part of me is stoked this thing didn’t just end up being a wall hanger!)

For reference, this board below is a Rusty board made for Occ sometime back in the 80s. This was originally posted to

Here’s a shot of Occy in what I’m guessing is Hawaii back in the day: