Takayama Glass Slipper

Here’s another decent deal: a Donald Takayama Glass Slipper for $450 on Craigslist in Los Angeles. The signature looks like the real deal. They’re still pumping out boards under DT’s name but it is pretty easy to tell when the signature is done by hand. Here are a few hand signatures from DT; whereas new boards have a signature that looks more like this one.

Anyway the Craigslist poster claims the board doesn’t have any dings or repairs, and it looks to be in good shape. Worth a look if you’re in LA! Board listed here.

Lemon Lime Andreini Vaquero

Usually I post interesting boards or ones that I think are good deals. I don’t know that there’s anything super interesting about this Andreini on Craigslist other than the fact I simply love his boards. It’s a 7′9″ Vaquero, apparently custom shaped, with a fuller nose (not so sure that I see this here…the silhouette looks pretty standard to me), thinner rails, and a spiral vee in the tail (according to Andreini’s site, stock Vaqueros are flat in the tail). First $750 takes it – pretty fair price if you ask me. I’m curious if the thinner rails make this board a more traditional hull a la a Liddle, as you often hear Andreini’s hulls are more user-friendly than the super bladed point break machines that take the same moniker. Either way I love the lemon lime paint job and if you’ve never had the pleasure of surfing one of Andreini’s boards this is a pretty fantastic opportunity.

Jeff McCallum Quad

This one is a no-brainer: a Jeff McCallum quad fish on Craigslist, in seemingly great condition, for $500. Who knows what kind of pressure dings and heel dents are lurking underneath the wax job, but this is an eminently reasonable price for a board that can easily retail for twice as much (e.g., Seasick). Look at that beaked nose, too – seems like this is a great board for summer with lots of volume for catching tons of underwhelming waves. Board is located in Los Angeles.

Dewey Weber Stylist Mini Gun

Found on Craigslist in Cayucos, CA is a vintage Dewey Weber Stylist mini gun. The poster claims it’s from 1969. Looks like the real deal, but it’s hard to tell given the, uh, not quite professional photography stylings. The Stylist logo matches up with the poster’s description as well as Stoked N Board. It’s going for $400, but sounds like the board isn’t water tight, and looks like there could be some water damage at the tail. The fact the poster alludes to a needed restoration isn’t super encouraging, either. Still – a nice little bit of surf history never hurt anyone!

Oh Baby! Christian Fletcher Signature Model

I love surfboards in general, but I hold a special place in my heart for 80s and 90s surf culture. There’s something about the neon and the brash attitude of that era – I mean, we’re talking about a time when it was not just considered acceptable but downright cool to wear webbed gloves – that holds an inexplicable appeal.

And what better tribute to the glorious 80s than a Christian Fletcher signature board via classic 80s surf brand Town & Country? The board was originally posted on the Vintage Surfboard Collectors group on Facebook, which is required viewing for anyone who is at all interested in old surfboards. Fletcher, of course, is one of the all-time counter-culture icons in a sport that prides itself on non-conformity. I love the neon paint job on this thing, and the neon T&C logo, which must have been so cool and edgy back in the day, now feels like a warm time machine back to a more innocent time.

The board looks to be shaped by Peter Benjamin. Looks like Benjamin shaped both under his BeenJammin label (which you can see here beneath the PB icon) as well as Town & Country. According to Benjamin, the board was likely shaped somewhere between 1986 and 1989. What an awesome find!