“The Endless Summer” Mike Hynson Surfboard

As many of you already know, Bruce Brown, the filmmaker behind “The Endless Summer”, recently passed away. “The Endless Summer” is one of the rare surf movies to have achieved mainstream success. And while “The Endless Summer” is best known as a movie that captures the inherent grace and simplicity of the surfing lifestyle, it also happens to feature some pretty rad surfboards as well. And what better way to celebrate Brown’s life, and his signature film, than to spotlight a reproduction of the Hobie surfboard that star Mike Hynson sports throughout “The Endless Summer.”

Endless Summer Mike Hynson Surfboard Hobie.jpg
Still from “The Endless Summer.” Hynson is on the right.

I’m not quite sure what happened to the original board from the movie, but in the years since the film’s release, Hobie and Hynson have released some reproductions of the board. In fact, there is one that is currently for sale on Craigslist in Tampa Bay, Florida. You can find a link to the board here.

As you can see, the board is a beautiful reproduction of the striped Hobie surfcraft that Mike Hynson can be seen riding throughout the film. There are a ton of gorgeous details, too, like a lovely glass-on fin, the dual logos — including a pretty enormous Hobie laminate — and a signature from Hynson himself.

The Hobie / Endless Summer Mike Hynson board pictured here also comes with a certificate of authenticity. Unlike the certificates offered by folks like Terry Fitzgerald, it’s more of a letter written by Hobie Surfboards, dating the board to 2012 and providing some basic background on the shape. Even though the board is signed by Mike Hynson, the letter cryptically mentions that the board was “hand finished” by Hobie shaper Gary Larson. I’m not quite sure what to make of this, but I tend to think it’s unlikely that Hynson did a ton of the shaping himself. The mention of hand finishing makes me wonder if these replicas weren’t machine shaped off an original Mike Hynson template before some finishing touches they were put on. To be clear, this is a very common practice in modern surfboard production, but I don’t think these modern Hobie / Endless Summer Mike Hynson boards are hand shaped from start to finish.

Then again, the entire point of the Hobie Endless Summer replica is to celebrate the film in all its glory. There are very few movies that can claim to have forever changed the trajectory of an entire culture, and “The Endless Summer” belongs in that small, elite club. The surfing world will forever be indebted to Bruce Brown for the loving way in which he documented surfing and shared it with the rest of the world.

You can check out the listing for the board here.

Recent Mike Hynson Single Fin

Surfer or not, you have likely heard of “The Endless Summer”, filmmaker Bruce Brown’s timeless ode to surfing, and one of the few surf movies to receive equally rapturous responses from surfing insiders as well as the mainstream (alongside “In God’s Hands”, of course.)

Mike Hynson, one of the stars of “The Endless Summer”, went on to a distinguished career as a surfboard shaper. Hyson’s life is a compelling story of its own, sadly filled with more drama and lows than the movie that made him famous, recounted in an autobiography released in 2011.

What we have here, via Craigslist in San Diego, is a 9′2″ Hynson hand shaped board with a clear signature on the stringer. The signature includes the “Om” symbol, a favorite of Hynson’s. You can see another example of an excellent and clear Hynson signature here, via a board that was once on sale at peerless San Diego shop Surfy Surfy.

The best part about this listing? The board is going for a mere $525. I think this is a steal. There’s a 9′0″ on sale directly from Hynson’s website currently going for $1500.  Hynson is 74 and while he’s still shaping today, I think it’s likely that his most prolific days are behind him. Surfers and shapers don’t get any more legendary than one of the guys who starred in “The Endless Summer”. And most importantly, of course, Hynson’s pedigree as a shaper cannot be overstated.

Check the listing here.