Shred Sledz Social Media Roundup (Jan 14)

Greetings, Shredderz, and welcome to the inaugural Social Media Roundup of 2018! Keep scrolling for some of my favorite selections from Instagram over the past few months.

Wave tool! @craig__anderson

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Love this picture of Craig Anderson on an old-school Wave Tools / Lance Collins twin fin. Check out Board Collector for a behind-the-scenes look of this photoshoot, which I believe originally ran in Stab Magazine.

It’s coming soon, kids! The California Gold Surf Auction is going to rear its head around these parts pretty soon, and you can always count on those folks bringing out the heat. Pictured above is an Owl Chapman gun alongside a Yater single fin bearing the super rare Yater Hawaii laminate.

I thought the most recent Star Wars flick was just decent, but Herbie Fletcher’s incredible sci fi airbrush above gets two very enthusiastic thumbs up from the Shred Sledz editorial staff. Love the look of the board, too: I’ve seen a lot of Herbie’s squared off noseriders, but I haven’t seen nearly as many of his shorter single fins with the same design.

You know how incredible this snap is? Imagine, for a moment, a surfing maneuver so radical and boundary-defining that it even grants the surfer a free pass for wearing the footwear TC’s rocking in that picture. I kid, I kid, because Carroll has heaps of style where it actually counts: in the water and on the most critical parts of the wave. I love that he’s posing with the board in question, which, despite the Byrne laminates, was actually shaped by Pat Rawson. You can see Rawson’s signature on the tail.

Shred Sledz Social Media Roundup (Nov 28)

Greetings, Shredderz! It has been a while since the last installment of our Social Media Roundup series, but I’m afraid there’s too much heat on Instagram not to share here. I don’t get paid by the word around these parts, so start scrolling for some recent selections:

Zephyr is an iconic brand that played an instrumental role in shaping surf and skate culture as we know it today. The picture above features Skip Engblom — cinephiles may recognize the name as the character played by Heath Ledger in “Lords of Dogtown” — artist CR Stecyk III, and shaper Jeff Ho, looking as fresh as can be in their finest seventies regalia. Engblom’s short shorts, windbreaker and OG Budweiser beer can ensemble is an absolutely killer look. And don’t miss those two gorgeous Zephyr single fins in the middle, too!

If you missed our post last week on a Dave Parmenter board made for Tom Carroll, you can check it out here. The Instagram post above, however, proves that TC has an open mind when it comes to equipment. It’s so rad to see Carroll putting a Liddle hull through its paces.

First, if you don’t follow Duncan Campbell on Instagram, you must. Not only is Duncan the co-creator of the Bonzer, but he frequently shares photos and tidbits from his long history of the board. Pictured above is Craig Fineman, a well-regarded skate and surf photographer who sadly passed away in 2003, posing alongside an early Bonzer creation. (Also see our earlier post on Russ Short, which features quotes taken from a Surfer feature Fineman wrote and photographed.)

Over the past few weeks I seemed to find Mike Purpus boards all over the place, and during my research I stumbled across this amazing example of a Hot Lips single fin. I’m guessing the board was shaped during the 1970s. Note the rad little Clark Foam laminate near the tail on the deck of the board. This Instagram didn’t fit with any of the previous posts I wrote about Mike Purpus and Hot Lips, but it’s too beautiful not to share somewhere!


Tom Carroll Surfboard by Dave Parmenter / Aleutian Juice

Greetings, Shredderz! Here’s a doozy of a board that is currently for sale on Craigslist in Cambria, located on California’s Central Coast. It’s a Tom Carroll surfboard that was shaped for the two-time world champ, but with some interesting additional backstory. The board pictured below was shaped by none other than Dave Parmenter, the iconoclastic and brilliant mind behind Aleutian Juice. Pictures are taken from the Craigslist listing; note that the Shred Sledz text in the first pic is NOT intended as a watermark, but to hide the face of the gentleman in question.

Parmenter is one of the most fascinating figures in surfing. He’s one of the few shapers who uses Instagram to share the books currently on his reading list in lieu of lineup shots and hashtags. I would guess even fewer still regularly write great articles, much less for the Surfer’s Journal. Parmenter first entered the surfing consciousness in the 1980s, when he was one of California’s most promising pros. In an industry with a borderline unhealthy obsession with youth, Parmenter has defied convention, leaving behind the pro tour for a career as one of the world’s most thoughtful and outspoken shapers.

Parmenter and Carroll were contemporaries on the pro surfing circuit during the 1980s. Later in the decade, while working as a shaping apprentice for Rusty Preisendorfer, Parmenter began shaping boards for Carroll. Their relationship has continued to this day. Carroll even gets a shout out on the Aleutian Juice team riders page.

Tom Carroll Surfboard by Dave Parmenter Aleutian Juice
Tom Carroll posing with an Aleutian Juice stick. As you can see from the Clark Foam laminate, this is an older board Parmenter shaped for Carroll. Parmenter dates this board to the early 1990s, though the picture above was taken much later. Pic via Nowtro / Aleutian Juice

It is cool to think that Parmenter and Carroll, who were once at the center of the pro surfing hype machine during some of its frothiest years, are still connected today. It’s also worth noting that Parmenter apparently helped Carroll battle through the latter’s struggles with addiction — partially by introducing Carroll to stand-up paddleboarding — which adds a wonderful human element to their pairing.

As for the board that is currently listed for sale, it seems like it was shaped in the late 1990s / early 2000s. The seller claims it has been stored in a garage for the past 18 years. TC is known for his association with Quiksilver, and there’s a clear Quik logo found on the nose, but Parmenter’s signature dispels any sort of doubts around whether or not this is a legitimate Tom Carroll surfboard.

Tom Carroll Surfboard Dave Parmenter Aleutian Juice 3
You can clearly see Parmenter’s signature, indicating this is a Tom Carroll surfboard. I can’t quite make out all the text on the stringer, sadly. Pic via Craigslist

Given that the board measures in at 10’4″ and it was shaped for Tom Carroll, there’s no doubt it was made for serious surf.

Tom Carroll Off The Wall Brian Bielmann.jpg
Tom Carroll at Off The Wall. Photo by Brian Bielmann. Bielmann says this wave “sent shockwaves through the surfing world” and was considered one of the biggest waves ever caught at OTW. Pic via Brian Bielmann

The seller is asking $2,500 for the board, which you can find here. It isn’t easy to find personal Tom Carroll boards, although I imagine this one was made for him well after TC’s pro career ended. I loved discovering the ongoing collaboration between Carroll and Parmenter, and the dynamic of a partnership between one of the most famous surfers of the 1980s, and a man who has made a point out of rejecting the pro surfing orthodoxy, respectively.

Vintage Surfboard Trivia with Mayhem and Kolohe Andino

Attention vintage surfboard trivia buffs: Matt “Mayhem” Biolos and …Lost Surfboards team rider Kolohe Andino are giving away a free surfboard to the person who can name all of the surfers who inspired the various paint jobs in the Instagram post above. Edit: Kolohe also included close ups of all the boards on his Instagram account, which I have included below:

nostalgia is scary. since, the last two weeks of (barely get to your feet) flatness around town. i have dipped back into some surf movies i frothed on when growing up and tried to widen my range with some "history of surfing" type shiz. every single person who used one of these (dirty garage non artist replica) designs absolutely captivated me when there story/ part turned on. mostly because the style of surfing they were doing at the time of the flick was much beyonds its years. so, i challenge all surf nerds/ historians/ parking lot carps/ the 80's were better dudes to name every single design of these boards. first person to do it will win one of my boards. oh, and two things, sorry OCCY all your boards were white, and i couldn't find the Michael Ho broken arm deisgn at pipe. #europequiver

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Some hints are rapidly filling up in the comments. Even with the added help, I’m only certain of three of them, and I have an educated guess for another.

The board at the top left is modeled after a board Kelly Slater surfed at Trestles in “Kelly Slater in Black & White.” I only know this from the comments, but I was able to find a YouTube video with the incriminating evidence.

Kelly Slater Trestles 1990.png
Kelly Slater on a Channel Islands / Al Merrick potato chip at Trestles, 1990. Frame grab from Kelly Slater in Black & White via YouTube.

The red / blue board on the top row, second from right, is clearly Tom Carroll’s board from his famous under the lip snap at macking Pipeline. I’m not sure who the shaper might be, though.

Tom Carroll Pipeline.jpg
Tom Carroll, committed at Pipeline. Photographer unknown.

On the bottom row, the board second from right is clearly Martin Potter’s “The Saint” board, which is one of the most recognizable airbrushes ever.

martin-potter-fistral-84 (from Rorden Surfboards).jpg
Martin “Pottz” Potter sporting one of his signature T&C Glenn Pang boards. Note that there were actually many of these boards produced, which is the subject for an upcoming post. Photographer unknown, pic via Rorden Surfboards

I believe the board that is second from left on the top row is a Mark Richards Lightning Bolt, but I’m not 100% sure.

Mark Richards by Steve Wilkings.jpg
MR AKA “The Wounded Gull” going off the lip in Hawaii. Photo by Steve Wilkings

I suspect many of the boards aren’t what some would consider vintage. For example, there are a lot of guesses in the comments that suggest the top left board was one ridden by Kelly Slater in one of his earlier videos.

I’ll be running an updated post once all the answers are in, as I’m dying to know myself. In the meantime, check out the post here.