Surfboards Hawaii V Bottom “Hawaii V” Model

Here at Shred Sledz we are unabashed fans of the Transition Era and all of its crazy designs. The shortboard revolution of the late 1960s was a time of unprecedented experimentation. One of my all-time favorite Transition Era boards is the Surfboards Hawaii V Bottom.

According to Stoked-n-Board, the Surfboards Hawaii V Bottom was produced between 1968 and 1971. S-n-B has record of four different logos that were made during this run. One of these boards recently popped up on Craigslist in San Diego for a mere $250! The fin box was busted, but that still strikes me as an incredible price for one of the more interesting v bottom boards.

Surfboards Hawaii V BottomSurfboards Hawaii V Bottom 1

Surfboards Hawaii V Bottom 2
Close up of the Hawaii V logo

I believe the model is technically considered the “Hawaii V”, as indicated by both the close-up of the logo to the left, as well as the copy in the advertisement posted above. (All pics of the board first appeared in the original Craigslist posting, which has since been taken down.)

I love how the Surfboards Hawaii V Bottom boards often have elegant, minimalist pinlines. The one pictured above is no exception, with beautiful resin work around what looks like a volan patch in the middle of the board, as well as in the signature angular tail block. The Surfboards Hawaii V Bottom pictured above also came with an original W.A.V.E. Set fin, another indication of its age.

Even though the Hawaii V is a coveted Transition Era shape, I still can’t find any reliable information on who actually designed the board. As always, if you have any ideas, please drop me a line! I love hearing from fellow Shredderz.

Sadly, an eagle eyed reader snapped up the board above before I had a chance to act. Stay tuned for another special v bottom board coming up tomorrow!

Acid Splash: Challenger Formula Micro Vee Redux

Greetings, Shredderz! Hope your weekend is upon you, or not too far off.

Today brings us another piece of transitional era surfboard design funkiness. It’s a board I have written about before: the Challenger Formula Micro Vee.

There are actually two versions of this board that are currently for sale online.

Acid Splash Board: 8′ x 23″ (Pics via Craigslist)

The first example is listed on Craigslist in Costa Mesa, in the heart of Orange County, California.  Asking price is $300. You can find a link to the board here. This thing sports a beautiful two-tone acid splash paint job, with red on the deck and a nice deep green on the bottom. However, there is one significant catch with the board: apparently it has a visible twist, which will take some work to undo (assuming surgery goes correctly). Luckily, the honest seller here called out this fact ahead of time, but now is as good a time as ever to remind everyone that you never know a board’s condition just by looking at pictures.

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Shred Sledz Presents: 4/2 Weekend Grab Bag (Skip Frye, Harbour, Morey, O’Neill)

Yeah, yeah…it’s not the weekend. But we live in the age of alternative facts, so I’m not going to let something as trivial as accuracy get in the way of giving you a little taste of the coolest vintage surfboards that are currently for sale online. Without further ado, here goes…

Skip Frye G&S Vee Bottom on Craigslist

No link because the board already came and went. This board was sold on Craigslist in Santa Cruz and it vanished after a short time. The seller was asking $850, which is below market price if you ask me. Looks like it’s in decent condition, though there are some obvious repairs that have been done. Check out a similar Skip Frye vee bottom that went for auction recently, with the price estimate between $700 and $2K. Skip modeled his v bottom designs on the models pioneered by the Aussies — you can read a bit of history on  his website. This is such a sick board and I hope whoever owns it now is putting it to good use.

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Hansen Derringer

Despite the newly opened Nland Surf Park, Austin, Texas has some way to go before it can lay a claim to being a surf town. To my pleasant surprise, however, it doesn’t mean that you can’t find some rad boards within striking distance of some of the country’s best barbecue!

Pictured here is a Hansen Derringer model that is located in Austin, Texas on Craigslist. The Derringer is a relatively rare transitional era design that was produced between 1968 and 1970. According to Stoked-n-Board, less than 1,000 of these boards were produced during this time period.

As you can see in the third picture, the Derringer boasts a hull design – with a convex bottom, or “belly”, as it is commonly referred to – that was popular during the late 1960s / early 1970s time. What isn’t visible in the picture is that the Derringer also has a vee bottom, which is one of the cooler designs during this time period. There are still some modern shapers turning out vee bottoms. Marc Andreini has his McVee, which I wrote about earlier here. Bruce Fowler’s V8 is a popular design, too.

This picture was originally posted on It has been taken from a different Hansen Derringer, and it clearly shows the tail and the vee bottom. You can see the way the tail is shaped in response to the vee shape of the bottom, where it looks like the foam has been removed from the deck part of the diamond tail.

Photo Credit: RATZAX on

Finally, the Hansen Derringer has an awesome psychedelic 60s logo, which you can clearly see in the first picture.

The poster is asking $600 for the board. I can’t really find a lot of historical price points for these bad boys, but I saw this Derringer sell recently on eBay for $600, including $120 in shipping. There are no pics with the posting, so it’s hard to make any judgments about the condition.

The board pictured here looks like it’s in potentially great shape. I’d like to see more pics of the horizontal line running across the deck to make sure it’s not evidence of anything serious, but I’m encouraged by the bottom and the presence of the fin, which looks original. If you’re interested, check out the board here.

Surfboards Hawaii Vee Bottom

Pictured here is a sweet Surfboards Hawaii vee bottom board that recently popped up on eBay. I feel like I have seen this board posted for sale before, but in any case, it measures about 8′4″, and it’s got that sick pronounced vee in the tail (see picture #2). I’ve heard they only produced a limited run of these boards, but I can’t find any information about the specific shape or production numbers.

I did find another Surfboards Hawaii vee bottom that failed to go for auction a few years back, which you can see here. The estimate on that board was somewhere between $400 and $1,000, so the fact this one is priced at $800, and seemingly excellent condition, means they are roughly in the same ballpark. Then again, this is a very small sample size.

It’s also worth nothing that Kirk Putnam, who works closely with hull aficionados Marc Andreini and Greg Liddle, likes the Surfboards Hawaii vee bottom boards, and owns one himself. His board was shaped by John Price, the original owner of the Surfboards Hawaii brand. You can read more on his excellent blog, KP’s Roundup, and Kirk posts some cool surf-related pics over on Instagram, too.

Anyway, check out this cool transitional shape here on eBay, if you’re so inclined.