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Sagas of Shred

Dick Brewer for W.A.V.E.

Greetings, Shredderz! Today we’ve got an incredible vintage surfboard ad featuring some of the most interesting and influential figures in surfing during the Seventies. W.A.V.E. — Water Apparatus & Vehicular Engineering, Inc. — was a line of hollow surfboards produced in the Seventies. I have mostly attributed Tom Morey with having invented the…

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Friday Round Up

Hope this weekend is bringing the global Shredderz community some tasty waves. In the meantime, we’re experimenting with a new format. Instead of going super deep on specific boards and shapers, we’ll be presenting a grab bag of cool boards you can currently find for sale online. Takayama 7′0″ egg on Craigslist (San…

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Hollow Feeling: W.A.V.E Surfboards

The 1970s saw a lot of funky surfboard designs. Even by that decade’s standards, though, the infamous W.A.V.E. hollow surfboards stand out as one of the more interesting experiments to have been brought to market. W.A.V.E. – an acronym, of course, standing for “Water Apparatus & Vehicular Engineering” – was the brainchild of Karl…

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