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Herbie Fletcher’s “Wave Warriors II”

Greetings, Shredderz! Last week for Sagas of Shred we featured a 60s surf movie poster. At the opposite end of the surf movie poster scale we have this gem, which was made for “Wave Warriors II”, by Herbie Fletcher. The copy on the poster is nothing short of amazing: The buzzword is “hardcore.”…

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The Original Wave Warrior: Herbie Fletcher

Photo by Jeff Divine; Courtesy of For most of us mortals, December signifies the arrival of the holidays. It’s time to spend time with family, watch “Home Alone” again, drink egg nog, or maybe just use the time as an excuse to do some otherwise unjustifiable amounts of online shopping. For the…

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Christian Fletcher and Randy Sleigh

Little known fact: The Shred Sledz Editorial Team is contractually obligated to post about any Christian Fletcher Signature Model surfboards that hit the market. Luckily for all of us, the board pictured here is currently up for sale on eBay, which you can find here. There are no measurements listed, but let’s face…

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